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How to Install Lutris on Ubuntu 22.04

Gaming has always been our favorite pastime. However, the difficulty lies in the compatibility of most games in Linux-based environments. Lutris helps to resolve these issues. In this tutorial, we will be installing Lutris on an Ubuntu 22.04 operating system.

What is Lutris?

Lutris is a free and open-source game manager for Linux-based OS. As a gaming manager, it uses a wide array of emulating software to integrate different gaming platforms. And with it, interconnect different gaming clients, such as Steam, and GOG libraries, for a seamless gaming experience. 

It lets you install, play and emulate your favorite games from different eras. Whether it be arcade, Real Time Strategy (RTS), Role Playing, PvP, Puzzles, or Strategy games—all into one versatile and centralized system.

You can also tailor-suit your gaming experience by modifying the library found within the Lutris app. By using Lutris, the users will undoubtedly experience a whirlwind of emotions having to play their favorite childhood game again, minus the specific and expensive hardware.  


The official Lutris website specifies that Python3 and certain GTK Libraries must be installed along with Lutris. However, the said dependencies will automatically be installed once Lutris is installed. That is, if you don’t already have them pre-installed.

Another equally important software is Wine, a very popular emulating software. It is an emulator for programs that run exclusively on the Windows platform. If you ever need to run windows based games, then it would be handy to install Wine as well.

Lastly, ensure that you have admin privileges (sudo) to install the program, and enough disk space to install Lutris. As well as your desired games, and a stable internet connection.

Installing via Terminal

In this part, we are going to go over the process of installing Lutris using the Terminal.

Installing Wine

Open your desired Terminal and type the following commands:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install wine-stable

Verify Wine is installed by issuing the command:

$ wine --version

You should have an output similar to this:


Installing Lutris

After successfully installing Wine, verify if Lutris is available on your Ubuntu’s default repository by typing this command:

$ sudo apt search lutris

If it’s available, you’ll have something similar to this:

install lutris on ubuntu

Next, install Lutris by typing the command:

$ sudo apt install lutris
sudo apt

In this current version of Lutris, it will take around 714 MB of disk space to be installed. Accept and continue the installation by typing in “y”. Wait for the Terminal to finish installing the program.

Once Lutris is installed, you can execute the program by simply typing “lutris” on the Terminal. This will open Lutris via the Terminal interface, which provides some form of log information.

A neat and fun fact is that you can install games via Terminal just by using a yaml file. However, you need to specify certain parameters, such as the link of the game, the emulation software it is using, the specific version, and the game’s dependencies, among others.

Once you have installed some games, typing in “lutris -l” will list down all the games currently installed in your system. 

As you can see in the example below, Lutris will also provide additional details, such as the developer of the game, the emulation software the game is using, and where it is currently installed.

install lutris on ubuntu

To know more features on the Lutris command using the Terminal, we suggest you explore its manpages. Simply type “man lutris” to begin.

Installing via Graphical Interface

Ubuntu also has a built-in software manager to search, download and install programs readily found in its repositories. You can install both Wine and Lutris using the built-in software manager. Highlighted with the green arrow is Ubuntu’s software package manager, as seen below:

install lutris on ubuntu

Installing Wine

Simply search the software manager for the Wine program. Click Install and wait for the program to finish. Once installed, you should see something similar to this:


Installing Lutris

From the Ubuntu Software Manager, just search for the Lutris app. Click the Install button and wait for Lutris to be installed. The Lutris app is similar to the one shown below:

lutris website

Opening an account and Installing your favorite game

Once you have registered on, you need to log in to the lutris app installed on your Ubuntu OS. This will sync your account and let you download and install any game on its library. Click the icon indicated below to login.


Search for your desired game

After you log in, go to to search for your favorite game. As an example, we will be installing Buccaneers, a classic 1999 arcade game developed by Duintronic.

install lutris on ubuntu


Check and see the compatibility of the game. Click Install and open the link.

install lutris on ubuntu

Your web browser-based account will then sync with your Lutris app. Continue installing the game.

install lutris on ubuntu

Checking your library

And that’s it! You should be able to see your installed games on your Game Library.

Final Thoughts

Lutris, as a free and open-source program, offers a wide range of nostalgic games, from arcade gaming to mobile and PC. Every gaming enthusiast can readily appreciate the versatility of this game manager. 

You can explore how Litrus works by simply navigating the graphical interface panel by yourself. From our experience, it seems pretty straightforward. You can even customize the emulators or “runners” through the app depending on your taste. Emulators installed will pop up on the “runners” tab.

Also, remember that some games require additional packages to be installed first. With this, you would need to be familiar with the game’s dependencies and requirements. Browse for more games on the official Litrus website, and have fun gaming!

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