How to Install QSpeakers on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Are you looking for a tutorial on how to install QSpeakers on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS? Then this guide is what you’re looking for.

QSpeakers is a loudspeaker enclosure designer software developed by Benoît Rouits. It’s free, open-source, and released under the GNU General Public License version 3. Written in C++/Qt, this program is also available for Windows and many versions of Linux. You can find QSpeakers’ source code on their GitHub.

QSpeakers is an excellent tool for Do-It-Yourself loudspeaker enthusiasts who want to simulate common acoustical enclosure behavior and help design loudspeaker systems. It’s also useful for acoustic teaching and loudspeaker engineering. 

In this tutorial, we will cover the different ways you can install QSpeakers on an Ubuntu 22.04 device. Let’s get started!


Before installing the program, you need to have these prerequisites at your disposal:

  • An Ubuntu 22.04 LTS system
  • Command line or Software Center
  • Git
  • Qt5 and QtCharts libraries and development files
  • Root account or Sudo privileges

How to Install QSpeakers on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Now let’s go through the various methods of installing QSpeakers on Ubuntu 22.04.

Install QSpeakers Using APT

This method is the easiest way to install QSpeakers on a Debian-based system. Since you can install it with a single command considering it’s available in the APT list. However, before you proceed, we recommend you update your system first. 

You can update your system with this command:

$ sudo apt update


update system

After updating your system, you can install QSpeakers right away. Install it on Ubuntu with this command:

$ sudo apt install qspeakers


How to Install QSpeakers on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

It’s a small file, so it shouldn’t take you long to download and install.

Install QSpeakers From Ubuntu Software Center

Suppose you’re uncomfortable with the Terminal and prefer the graphical interface approach. In that case, this method is more suitable for you. First, open the Ubuntu Software Center from the menu.

open software center

Then type ‘QSpeakers’ in the search bar and press “Enter”. After a while, QSpeakers should appear in the list.

search QSpeakers

Tap on the icon to open it. After that, click ‘Install’

How to Install QSpeakers on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

The installation process should start immediately. After some time, you will get QSpeakers installed in your system.

Install QSpeakers Using Flatpak

Another method to install this tool is by using Flatpak. But first, you will need to set up Flatpak. You can install Flatpak with this command:

$ sudo apt install flatpak

After installing it, add the Flathub repo to your system with this command:

$ flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Now you need to restart your system to make the changes take effect. You can do that by running this command:

$ sudo shutdown -r now

Now you’re ready to install Flatpak’s QSpeakers package. You can install it by running this command:

$ flatpak install flathub


How to Install QSpeakers on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Build From Source

If you’re an experienced Linux user or a developer and you want to build the application yourself, you can do that as well. But as we mentioned earlier, you will need at least Qt version 5.8 with QtCharts and some additional development files. So let’s install that first. 

You may install the necessary packages with these commands:

$ sudo apt install qtchooser
$ sudo apt install qt5-qmake
$ sudo apt install qtbase5-dev
$ sudo apt install libqt5charts5-dev
$ sudo apt-get install qttools5-dev-tools


install qtchooser

Then download the latest source package from this link. Alternatively, you can run this command:

$ wget


download QSpeakers

You can use the ls command to see if the download was successful or not. Now unzip the tar file with this command:

$ tar zxvf qspeakers-1.6.7.tar.gz


unzip tar file

Now navigate into the qspeakers-1.6.7/ directory using this command:

$ cd qspeakers-1.6.7/

After that, generate the make files using the qmake tool. To do that, run this command:

$ qmake -config release


qmake tool

Lastly, run this command to make the file:

$ make && sudo make install


How to Install QSpeakers on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

This process may take a while, but it will be guaranteed to build your software.

How to Run QSpeakers

If you’re done installing QSpeakers, now you need to run it. Depending on your installation method, you can run it in different ways. We’ll show you each one.

Using the Terminal

If you installed it using the APT package manager, you can open QSpeakers by running this command:

$ qspeakers


open QSpeakers

From the Software Center

If you installed the program from the Ubuntu software center, go there again. Find QSpeakers by typing the name in the search bar. Once it appears, select it from the list. Then press ‘Open’.

open QSpeakers

From Window Manager

If you built the software from its source, you can open it directly from the software section or window manager. Go to where all the software is located and type ‘QSpeakers’ in the search bar.

open QSpeakers

Tap on the icon to open it.

QSpeakers interface

Using Flatpak Command

If you installed QSpeakers using Flatpak, then run it from the command line with this command:

$ flatpak run


open QSpeakers flatpak

How to Remove QSpeakers from Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

How you remove QSpeakers from your device depends on how you installed it. In this portion, we will cover every way to do it.

The most straightforward way to uninstall QSpeakers from Ubuntu is to use the APT package manager. For that, simply run the command below:

$ sudo apt remove --purge qspeakers


remove QSpeakers

You can also remove it using the Software Center in case you went for the GUI route. For that, visit the page for the software and click on the trashcan icon.

remove QSpeakers software center

You will be asked for confirmation. Press ‘Uninstall’ on the pop-up menu.

remove QSpeakers software center

Then enter your password to uninstall it.

If you built QSpeakers from the source, one way to uninstall it is via checkinstall. You may use this command to do so:

$ make uninstall

And if you went for the Flatpak route, use this command:

$ flatpak uninstall


remove QSpeakers flatpak

Final Thoughts

This guide shows you how to install QSpeakers on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. We covered various approaches so that you may choose one that best fits your preferences. We even showed you both the Terminal and the GUI method. If you need help, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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