How to Install Brackets Code Editor on Linux Mint

How to Install Brackets Code Editor on Linux Mint

In this article, we will discuss how to install brackets code editor in Linux Mint. So keep reading to know more. 

A code editor facilitates end users during the software development process via its more straightforward interface and various features. There are several code editors, such as Atom Editor, Vim, Vi, and Sublime Text Editor. We will briefly discuss the brackets editor and how to install and remove this software (when needed) from your system. 

What is a code editor?

A code editor provides an integrated development environment (IDE) to its user. And enables programmers to open multiple coding files and windows in combination with a built-in Terminal environment. A code editor is a stand-alone application that can create, edit, and save coding files. 

It is designed for managing large development projects with ease. A good code editor leads to less development time, and can code efficiently with various editing features—such as syntax highlighting and code lookup. 

A code editor should provide features for differentiating and highlighting syntax, auto-filling code, IntelliSense, debugging, and more.

The brackets code editor

Brackets is a code editor developed in 2014 by the famous software company Adobe. The following are the main features of this editor:

  • The brackets code editor is free and a powerful, lightweight editor.
  • It is an open-source, modern code editor for hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheet (CSS), and JavaScript.
  • It is designed explicitly for front-end development and web-based projects.
  • It is a cross-platform application with support for all the major operating systems (OS), such as  Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • The code editor provides a live preview while editing, i.e., you have the feel of what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)
  • An inline editor also powers it.
  • Brackets also support extensibility via a range of plugins.
  • It is equipped with a powerful extensions manager inbuilt.
  • There is a range of themes and extensions available for brackets.

How to Install Brackets Code Editor on Linux Mint

We will now discuss the significant steps for installing the brackets code editor. We will explicitly examine the following two methods for installation: You can either install brackets code editor to your Linux Mint system using the snap package manager or go ahead and install using a graphical user interface (GUI).

Installation of brackets editor using the snap package manager

This first step is to update your system and then get the snap package manager installed on your system. Open your Terminal window via the System Menu > Terminal. Then, run the following command on your Terminal:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install software-properties-common

Now, the installation of the snap package is pretty straightforward. The software is supported in all the latest Ubuntu and other Linux versions. Then, the following command can be used to install snap:

$sudo apt install snapd

After the successful installation of snapd, you can install the brackets code editor by executing the below-mentioned command to the Linux Mint Terminal window:

$sudo snap install brackets -classic

This might take a few minutes for the brackets code editor to complete its installation. You will then see the message for a successful installation.

Now, you can verify that the editor is installed by running the following command on the Terminal:


Install Brackets Code Editor Using GUI

Besides the approaches to installing using the command line interface (Terminal), there is a GUI-based installation process for naïve users. We will briefly discuss the installation via GUI. First, open the application manager. Then, search for the Brackets. You will see a list of items matching your query. 

Select the ‘brackets’ software and then click the Install button. It will take a while to install. Now, you can use the launch button to start the software.

Other approaches to installation

Another method is to install the brackets using the DEB package or source code on the Linux Mint system. We briefly outline the steps. Download the adobe brackets DEB package version from their official website. Then, install the brackets code editor.

Removing brackets code editor from your system

It is possible that someone doesn’t like the editor, or the brackets-coded editor may malfunction. Hence, you want to remove/uninstall the brackets editor. The installation of the brackets editor is effortless. Type the following command to remove the editor:

$ sudo snap remove brackets

In this article, we briefly discuss the brackets code editor. The editor is a compelling integrated development environment with various features for code editing, syntax highlighting, etc. It is equipped with support for extension via plugins or extensions and other significant features. 

We also discuss how to install the software via snap—the Debian package. We also discussed the installation via the graphical user interface. Once installed, you can use it for professional software development. Lastly, we also discussed how we could remove the software from your system.

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