How to Install Microsoft Edge Browser on Ubuntu

Microsoft’s most overhauled web browser based on Chromium’s open-source browser engine is now available for Ubuntu. Here are two simple methods with which you can install Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu without even putting in much effort.

Microsoft Edge is a next-generation web browser developed and published by Microsoft. Although it is a cross-platform browser, it was initially released for Windows and Xbox One. Eventually, it was in October 2020 when a preview was made available for Linux platforms. 

It is safe to say that this Chromium-based browser is attempting to bring many features for Linux users that Windows users already appreciate. This article brings two of the most promising methods for installing Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu. You can either use the command line (CLI) method or employ the official installer and get started with the Microsoft Edge web browser in no time. 

But before learning the ways to install Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu, let us quickly walk through the features of Microsoft Edge that will help you surf the internet in a better way.

Features of Microsoft Edge

Many features make the Microsoft Edge a promising browser. Firstly, it lets you import your favorites, passwords, and more any other previous browsers and start surfing the internet from where you’ve left. Also, Microsoft Edge is well-known for delivering speed and performance. The browser also offers excellent compatibility with all sites and popular extensions.

In addition to these, shopping in Microsoft Edge is super convenient. It is designed to find users with a list of available coupons. Password Monitor and Defender SmartScreen are other fantastic features of Microsoft Edge. It can flawlessly notify you whenever it detects that any of your credentials have been compromised. You can then update them, keep all your personal information safe. Simply, Microsoft Edge lets you have more control over your data.

1. Installing Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu Using the GUI Method

One of the easiest ways to get Microsoft Edge web browser installed on your Ubuntu system is using the builds or installer packages offered by the official sources. Here is how you can do it.

install microsoft edge on ubuntu

1. The first thing you’ll need to do is launch the web browser available on your system and visit the official Microsoft Edge download page.

2. From there, look for the Linux dedicated builds.

download microsoft edge on ubuntu

3. It is pretty evident to come across two variants; choose and click on the one that says Linux (.deb). Next, tap on the “Accept and Download” button.

install microsoft edge on linux

4. Once downloaded, hover over to the location where the system has saved the file. Double-click on that and start installing Microsoft Edge following the on-screen prompts.

As soon as you’re done installing Microsoft Edge using the official installer, the respective repository will automatically get added to your system’s already available software resources. Later, you can use the Software Updater tool to carry out all the upgrade related processes.

2. Installing Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu Using the wget Command

Although using the official installer is a bit more straightforward process, installing Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu using the wget command is also pretty handy. We enable the Microsoft Edge repository manually and then install the required package with apt in this method.

But before you proceed, make sure to have the packages index updated alongside installing the dependencies. Doing it is pretty simple; all you need to do is run the following command:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt install software-properties-common apt-transport-https wget
wget command

1. Once you’re done updating the package index, get the Microsoft GPG key imported with wget by running the command:

$ wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
microsoft package installer

2. Then, you’ll need to enable the Edge browser repository. Run the following command for doing that.

$ sudo add-apt-repository "deb [arch=amd64] stable main"

3. Finally, run the command and install the Edge package

$ sudo apt install microsoft-edge-dev
install microsoft edge

With that, you’re done installing Microsoft Edge web browser on your Ubuntu system. To carry out updates in the future, you can either navigate to the Software Updater tool or launch the Terminal and run the following commands:

$ sudo apt update
$ sudo apt upgrade

How to Start Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu

start microsoft edge

As soon as you’re done installing Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu, your system will be pretty much ready to run the web browser. You can simply hover over to the  Activities section, get yourself in the search bar,  and type “Edge”. Clicking on the icon will immediately launch the application. 

Alternatively, you can type in “microsoft-edge” on the command line and start using the recently installed browser.

How to Uninstall Microsoft Edge from Ubuntu

In case you’re wondering how you can get the Microsoft Edge web browser uninstalled from your system, the process is pretty effortless.

1. Launch the Terminal using Ctrl+Alt+T key combination.

2. Run the following command:

$ sudo apt remove microsoft-edge-beta -y
$ sudo apt purge microsoft-edge-beta -y

You can also launch the Ubuntu software app and get Microsoft Edge removed permanently from there.

And with that, we’re done talking about the methods to install Microsoft Edge on Ubuntu. While using the official installer is the most straightforward approach, you can also get Microsoft Edge on your system via enabling repositories using the dedicated command lines.

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